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Software Developer and Architect
+972 53 222-7868
Netanya, Israel
Neocortix, Inc.
Principal Software Architect
May 2015 - Aug 2022
  • Developed a new containerization technology on top of the Linux kernel that allows running full-fledged GNU/Linux systems on non-rooted stock Android phones, integrating seamlessly into a regular Android application without requiring device preparation or elevated privileges.
  • Built and maintained an Android application that integrated the above-mentioned containerization technology, enabling the company to run typical Linux tasks, such as computational and load-testing, on Android devices.
  • Built and maintained the server-side of a cloud system, efficiently handling up to 100,000 mobile devices by managing their availability, work status, and replacing unavailable ones. Implemented all necessary administration and maintenance functionality for the project.
  • Participated in a multi-company collaboration to move the widely known biological protein folding computation project, Folding@home, to the Arm platform (AArch64). Built a new Folding@home core based on the GROMACS 2020 open-source project and then ported it to AArch64 for both Linux and Mac (Apple M1).
CrystaX, Inc.
Founder and CEO
Mar 2011 - Jun 2016
  • Led the development of the open-source project CrystaX NDK, transforming it into an advanced toolkit for native Android development (C/C++), and brought it to a mature state capable of easily porting Boost C++ libraries, Python, OpenSSH, Vim, and many other open-source languages and tools to Android.
  • As a software developer and manager, provided consulting and software development services to numerous businesses. Participated in many commercial projects as a contractor, ranging from mobile game development (Android and iOS) to the development of a new Android-based tablet.
Rhomobile, Inc.
Senior Software Developer
Jun 2009 - Mar 2011
  • Participated in the development of the open-source product Rhodes, a framework that allows Ruby developers to create universal mobile applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platforms.
  • Built and maintained a joint C++ engine for the Android and iOS backends of Rhodes, replacing two similar (but not identical) implementations written in Java and Objective-C, respectively. This significantly reduced the amount of work needed for further development and support of these backends.
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ITMO University
St. Petersburg, Russia
Computer Software Engineering
1995 - 2001
C (C99/11), C++ (C++ 98/11/14/17), Go, Java (SE), Ruby (MRI), JavaScript (ES6)
GCC, LLVM/Clang, OpenJDK, WebPack/Babel
Boost C++ libraries, Ruby on Rails, React
GNU coreutils, GNU make, Bash, Git, Vim, Curl, Docker, QEMU (KVM), Vagrant
PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Redis
Operating Systems:
GNU/Linux, Android, iOS